A New e-book from Montanya Distillers

Demystify the World of Rum

Did you know that color isn't the best indicator of what you'll taste in a rum? This original guide from Montanya Rum is your crash course in what separates one rum from another and how to find the ones you love.

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    “Montanya's Karen Hoskin is a very strong voice in the spirits industry.”

    Federico J. Hernández

    Co-founder of the Miami Rum Congress

    Based on experience

    Lessons learned from 30 years of making rum cocktails and 12 years of distilling Montanya rums.

    What you'll find Inside

    A guide to everything rum and finding the ones you love. We cover why you may have rum all wrong, offer a guide to the different types of rum, and share tips on how to taste.

    Plus, we demystify how long rum lasts, classify Montanya rums, and provide a Tasting Notes Template so you can do a tasting at home.

    When it comes to finding the rums you love, there's no better way than experience. We've designed our Rum Tasting Guide to give you a place to start and a way forward.